Improving Office Productivity Through Ping Pong


One way to boost office productivity is to help your employees act like kids. According to The University of Konstanz in Germany, Florian Kunze studied the way employees feel about their age and found when an organizational workforce feels younger, their chronological age benefits the performance of the company as a whole. Since playing ping pong makes many feel youthful, energized, and productive, it lends to the idea that keeping employees mentally and physically fit helps workers feel younger, boosts morale, and leads to increased productivity.

Driven Employees

Workers who feel younger are more driven to succeed. Younger employees, especially in dynamic environments, tend to move up the corporate ladder instead of remaining stagnant in stable and comfortable positions. These workers are able to plan their progress an upward climb and use strategies, boosted by playing ping pong, to their advantage.

Driven workers improve productivity by completing projects, increasing the bottom line, and enhancing networking opportunities. A lunch break or mid-afternoon break spent with co-workers bonding and taking a mental reprieve over ping pong will help employees return to work feeling energized and focused. Their work ethic improves and they have an easier time meeting quotas.

Corporations help boost quick thinking and accurate decisions when they add a ping pong or other game table to their environment. According to Dr. Wendy Suzuki from New York University’s psychology and neuroscience department, ping pong increases motor functions which boosts strategy and long-term memory. Employees with improved strategic thinking make cutting-edge decisions keeping companies at the forefront of their markets.

Boosting Morale


On a typical day, when employees return from lunch, production often slows in the afternoon. Blood sugar drops and workers may have difficulty keeping their eyes open. Compared to a lunch that included a 20-minute game of ping pong, employee morale is boosted from team bonding, they’re more alert, and their concentration is improved, according to Dr. Daniel Amen, a member of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Instead of losing the day’s forward motivation and progress, a quick game of ping pong at any time of day can alleviate the traditional sluggishness and sleepiness that occurs in the afternoon.

While playing ping pong in the middle of the work day provides fun and helps employees feel younger, it also improves strategy by allowing employees an escape from concentrating on their work. David Low, the founder of UberPong, says “the whole aim of a break is to think about something else.” Instead of employees using their reprieve to chat with co-workers about work-related concerns, they now spend time laughing and getting to know each other personally. This small mental escape allows them to return to work with a renewed concentration for their projects and after activating their strategic and competitive minds, they can make better decisions.

Corporate Innovation

For some companies such as Campaign Motors, having a ping pong table at the office has increased employee competition but has also led to employees creating a computer system to rank the matches and an app that kept score. Encourage your employees to develop new ways to expand the company. These are just a few of the ways that ping pong improves innovative thinking and overall job production.