7 Ways to Promote Wellness in the Workplace

Most companies find that wellness must be developed and cultivated. While there are many things that a company can do to promote wellness, the following 7 suggestions will help bring wellness to every employee and make wellness a part of everyday life at your company.

Discourage Presenteeism

Presenteeism is the act of coming in to work while sick. Sick employees are less productive and  spread illness. Discouraging employees from coming into work while sick can stop illness from spreading at your office and an help employees heal from illnesses more quickly. There are several ways that a company can discourage presenteeism, including:

  • Tell managers to stay home when sick. Managers who come into work while ill may inadvertently set the expectation that employees should do the same.
  • Offer generous sick leave. Sick employees are more likely to take their sick time if they’re not worried about running out of paid time off.
  • Establish a clear sick policy. Establishing rules, like waiting 24 hours after a fever to come into the office, will help employees determine when it is and isn’t appropriate to come to work.

Start a Newsletter

Spread the word about wellness by starting a newsletter. Write about seasonal topics, like avoiding the flu during flu season, and cover topics that are relevant to your employees. For example, cover topics that relate to some of the activities that your employees commonly engage in, or discuss topics relevant to the age of the people who work for your company.

Promote Healthy Eating

Offering healthy snacks at company events, in the company vending machines and in the company cafeteria, will encourage your employees to eat right. Over time, this may even change your employee’s eating habits overall.

Hold Intra-Company Competitions

Organize teams from your company to participate in local athletic events like races, or organize a competition within your company. Holding a race or a walking competition can encourage your employees to become more active and stay healthy. To further motivate your employees, offer a reward to employees who meet specific milestones.

Organize a Lunchtime Walk Group

Walking once or twice per week over the lunch hour can help employees shed pounds and can also cultivate a love of outdoor activity. Advertise your lunch-time walk group to generate interest.

Create a Healthy Environment

Addressing ergonomic issues can help your employees avoid chronic pain and stay healthy. Purchasing sit-stand desks and providing proper lighting for all employees can help your employees avoid workplace injuries.

Develop Your Wellness Program

Developing an effective wellness program is the best way you can keep your employees healthy. Developing a proper wellness program is difficult for many managers. If your company needs help developing its wellness program in Pittsburgh, contact HealthyWorks. We work with companies to build and strengthen their wellness program. To find out more, contact us today at (412) 877-6834.