Benefits of a Standing Desk

Have you thought about changing your employees office chairs to a standing desks. Has your company and colleagues given them a try yet. Standing desks allow employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle, improving the work environment and employee relations. Understand the benefits of standing at your desk compared to sitting can surprise you.


Using a standing desk helps keep blood flowing and allow the mind to be more alert. If you are standing, It’s harder to become sleepy at your desk. You are constantly aware of your body.

Employee Engagement

When you are sitting at a desk, even in a open office, you may miss opportunities to talk with colleagues or take notice of something important happening.  Standing gives more chances to talk with co-workers as they passed by, at eye level, even if only for a few extra minutes. This will help improve communication because, instead of sending an email, you could look across a few desks, look them in the eye, and actually talk to them.

Low angle of three young colleagues looking at the laptop in office. They are standing and leaning on the desk. The men and woman are smiling

Health and strength

Standing all day and maintaining a good posture can add strength to your core. Standing desks allow less soreness in the back and tailbone compared to sitting for eight to ten hours a day. Along with good postures, standing desk are known to help the following: risk of weight gain or obesity, lower blood sugar, lower risk of heart disease.


When you’re sitting or in a cubicle, it can take a few moments to get up and away from the desk in the case of an emergency or you just realized you’re late for a meeting. Standing desks allow to spring away from any dangers that might present themselves or rush to a co-worker’s aid.

Keep your employees happy and healthy

Standing desk are a great benefit to any wellness program. An effective wellness program is the best way you can keep your employees healthy. By providing the tools needed, a proper wellness program is ideal for any business. If your company needs help developing its wellness program in Pittsburgh, contact HealthyWorks. We work with companies to build and strengthen their wellness program. To find out more, contact us today at (412) 877-6834.