Fall into Fitness

fall walking

For many people, the start of Fall means back to school, a new routine, and a second chance at wellness. For both you and your employees, Fall is a great time for new habits and a new wellness plan.

Fall is the perfect weather for outdoor activities. It’s not to hot, not too cold, and there is the right amount of sunlight still out. The air is fresh and a whole new crop of seasonal fruits and vegetables. These 3 tips will help your office get back on track and enjoy Fall together.

Fall Walking Challenge

Fall strolls are the best way to breathe in crisp air and groove on the gorgeous colors of the season. A great way to get employees up and active as the leaves turn is with a walking challenge.

Everybody loves a little friendly competition – especially amongst colleagues! Pit one department or division against another. Post real-time results on leaderboards. At the end of the challenge, give extra points to the team that logged the most miles.

 runner stretching

Back-to-school for all

Whether it’s to learn something new or sharpen some skills, taking a class is good for the mind and the spirit. Reward employees who sign up for a class this fall – from cooking and fitness to writing and painting. Anything that sharpens skills and increase overall health.

Snack Attack

The holidays mean food, fun, and family. Don’t stress over the pressure of losing the extra pounds. Since the holiday season comes around every year – a bit of planning can do a lot of good. Rather than steering employees to the veggie tray instead of the dessert table, how about challenging them to just one sweet treat per day? If they can stick to that guideline three to five times a week, it’ll pay off come January.
There are many ways that you can boost your company’s wellness program this Fall. The 3 suggestions above are just the leaf falling from the tree. If you’re seeking more ways that you can improve the wellness of your staff, contact HealthyWorks. As a full-service wellness services and consultation firm, we offer lunch and learn seminars, biometric screenings, consultations and more. Call us today at (412) 877-6834.