Our Difference

You know how long a mile is. You know what it takes to run it.
What do you know about corporate wellness programs?

There are many corporate wellness programs but few are truly successful. Successful programs engage, last, and deliver results you can see. Unfortunately, many fall into these three categories:

  1. The Absentee. There’s no wellness program and health care costs and absenteeism chomp the company wallet.
  2. The Kicker. A wellness program kicks off high then kicks the bucket before the end of the year.
  3. The Incumbent. A wellness program endures but no one knows what it achieves for the company.

Companies make unhealthy choices all the time — they invest in the wrong technology, adopt the wrong program, or cut the wrong initiative.

It’s much like buying an expensive pair of running shoes, putting them on your hands, running the first few feet of a mile, and then giving up because it’s too difficult.

You know how long a mile is, the shoes you need, and the stamina to get from Point A to Point B. So how do you apply this knowledge to your corporate wellness program?

Fortunately, that’s where we come in.

The Journey From “Have to” to “Want to”

HealthyWorks is a high-touch, relationship-focused, and influence-driven company ready to work with yours. We design a wellness program that engages, lasts, and delivers results you can see. We get to know you, your company culture, and what is important to you and your employees then develop a program that works for you. In other words, your company drives its wellness — not the other way around! This way, “healthy” becomes a routine instead of a chore.

Results, Defined

HealthyWorks also emphasizes results you can see and define. When you’re in our program, we want you to answer the following:

  • Are your employees healthier?
  • Are your employees happier?
  • Are company health care costs and absenteeism lower?
  • How and why?

To get results, schedule a consultation with us today.