What can HealthyWorks do for you?
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Full-Scope or Ala Carte

Our customers can work with us in a full-scope or ala carte capacity. In either capacity, we strive to be high-touch with all our customers and help their wellness programs succeed.


At full-scope level of engagement, we create and implement a comprehensive wellness blueprint across your organization. Your blueprint is built on measuring your employees’ current health and potential health risks, and then assembling metrics — a fancy term for data — that are measurable, trackable, and the foundation your blueprint relies on. Each of our services are available to your organization in your blueprint. A full list of our services is below.

For more information about a full-scope wellness program for your organization, contact us today.

Ala Carte

If you’re not ready for full-scope consulting or if you already have a wellness program in place, HealthyWorks can work with you “ala carte,” meaning we can fill in the programming gaps you need.

List of Services

Wellness Speciality Consulting

Our Wellness Speciality Consulting includes annual planning for a wellness calendar, management of subcontractor relationships, scheduling, assisting in planning an annual family wellness event, assistance with point structure, goal setting, interpreting reporting, assisting in guiding incentives, initiatives and education, committee facilitation, and implementing an employee survey.

Price annually dependent on scope of work.

Lunch and Learn Options

Our lunch and learns are on-site, one-hour or two-half hour sessions back-to-back with a live instructor. There’s option to stream for your remote workers or locations.

Price varies depending on speaker and frequency.

Health Fairs

Health fairs can include up to 6 – 12 stations on blood pressure, ergonomic posture, body fat, bone density, vision screening, hearing screening, grip strength, and massages.

Price varies depending on length, number of vendors, and geographic location.

Biometric Screenings

Biometric screenings gather data on your employee’s health and risks. For example: Smoking, BMI, blood pressure, glucose levels, or cholesterol can impact employees’ health and risks. We offer on-site biometric screenings where your employees receive their results immediately. Screening results also create the building blocks of your company’s wellness blueprint.

Price varies depending on number of people, location, and duration of screening.

On-Site Coaching

Coaching can include running contests, on-site exercise class, nutrition consultation, chronic disease counseling, one-on-one’s, and personal training.

Price per hour, time budget to be determined by company using local resources.

Massage Therapy

Price per hour, time and budget set by company

Team Building Exercise Activity

Price varies depending on activity and frequency.

Telephonic Coaching

Price per hour, time and budget set by company, one tech platform has unlimited telephonic coaching

Technology Option 1

Customized Platform that includes points tracking, social networking, campaign outlines, personalized health challenges, gamification, tests for readiness to change and risk factors, reporting, and participation tracking.

Prices vary.

Technology Option 2

Customized Platform that includes points tracking, social networking, webinars, unlimited outbound coaching calls, online classes and campaigns, behavioral modeling format, reporting, and participation tracking.

Prices vary.