Summertime Wellness Program for Employees

Summer is a time when it can be hard for employees to stay cooped up in an office or in the workplace. To make this easier, some employers integrate outdoor summer activities into the company wellness program. Taking your employees outdoors can help keep them refreshed and active in the most enjoyable part of the year. The following suggestions will give you ideas about ways that you can help your employees make the most of their summer through wellness opportunities.

Integrate Fresh Vegetables Into Your Work Routine

Take your employees out to a working farm where they can pick vegetables and eat fresh fruits. Turn the trip into a team-building exercise, or an all-day retreat to generate ideas for the coming year. If your wish is keep your wellness exercises closer to home, schedule an outing to a local farmer’s market.

To remind your employees to eat good, healthy vegetables, make fresh vegetables available for sale in your company’s cafeteria. While any fresh vegetables will be healthy, try to keep the vegetables local. Make agreements with your local farm cooperatives to provide fresh, local foods at the lunch table.

Take It Outdoors

Shake things up by taking your normal staff meetings outdoors to a park or track near your office. Holding picnic meetings will encourage everyone to get outdoors and may even inspire them to spend more time outdoors in their normal free time. If you don’t know of anywhere to sit and have a meeting during the work day, try holding a walking meeting on the sidewalks near your building.

Encourage Exercise

Summer is a time when many people train for upcoming sporting events and endurance tests. You can encourage your employees to exercise more by organizing company participation in a local organized competition, such as a race. Organize your employees (those who wish to participate) into teams. Track their progress as they train, and offer rewards to employees who meet training milestones or who out perform other employees.

Switch Up Your Wellness Newsletter

Your company’s wellness newsletter is capable of spreading the message about wellness to many company employees. To make the wellness newsletter seem more relevant to the day-to-day lives of your staff, focus articles in the newsletter on seasonal issues your employees may encounter. For example, publish tips and articles covering the best ways to stay cool while running, how to start a new exercise regimen and other seasonal issues that your employees may be thinking about at this time of year.

Contact HealthyWorks for More Ideas

There are many ways that you can encourage your employees to participate in summer activities and exercise more this season. To devise a successful wellness plan that will help your employees stay active and healthy, contact HealthyWorks at (412) 877-6834.