Vacation Days Are An Essential Wellness Benefit

This may sound somewhat backwards, but as an employer, you should encourage your employees to take their vacation time. Vacation time may be beneficial to employees for a variety of reasons, but it can be even more beneficial to the employer. Specifically, paid vacation time can increase employee productivity and contribute to overall success in the workplace.

Vacation Time Benefits Everyone

Employees who work too hard and without a break may suffer from increased stress levels, lowered productivity, decreased morale and decreased engagement in activities at the workplace. Not only does this negatively impact the employee as an individual, but dissatisfied and overworked employees can have a negative effect on other employees as well.

In fact, studies show that employees who take vacation time actually function better in the workplace and are more likely to be promoted. While some employees will work long hours and to get ahead, their counterparts who take vacation time may actually further their careers more quickly.

Encouraging Your Employees to Take Vacation Time

Many employees who get paid vacation time fail to take full advantage of the vacation days they’re given. While some workers state that they simply have too much to do, others are simply too driven to succeed. Convincing employees to take vacation time can be difficult. A few ways that companies can encourage employees to leave the workplace for R&R include:

  • Increase the number of workplace paid holidays. Shutting down the company for a day forces employees to take time off.
  • Offer some paid leave time that doesn’t roll over. Employees are more likely to let their paid time off accumulate if the hours roll over from year to year. Offering vacation time that doesn’t roll over from year to year will encourage your employees to take their time off.
  • Educate your employees about the benefits of taking vacation time. Try running a series of stories in the wellness newsletter about the benefits of taking vacation time.
  • Establish a culture of wellness at your company. Employees may be more reluctant to take time off if the managers are also reluctant to take time off. You can encourage your employees to use their vacation time by encouraging your managers to do the same. This is an important part of establishing a culture of wellness at your company.
  • Give employees a manageable workload. Some employees may decline to take a vacation if they feel like there’s simply too much at the work place that must get done. You can fix this problem by evaluating employee workload and redistributing work as necessary.

Vacation Time is Worth It for Companies

The majority of private sector companies do offer paid vacation time to their employees, but it’s not mandated by law. It’s reported that almost one quarter of the private sector workforce in the United States does not get paid vacation time. This number has increased since the 1990’s, when almost a fifth of the private sector workforce in the U.S. did not get paid vacation time. Companies that do not offer paid vacation time to employees may be missing out on a valuable benefit that can attract better employees and increase employee retention.

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