Wellness Case Study: Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice, a company dedicated to the production of healthful, natural fruity snacks and beverages, goes to great lengths to promote wellness among its staff. By enacting smart employee programs and by encouraging employee feedback, Jamba Juice is a model for companies that prioritize wellness.

Creating a Culture of Caring

When CEO James D. White arrived at Jamba Juice, he passed out cards to employees, asking them to list three things they wanted to change, and three things they wanted to protect. The ideas were then compiled and turned over to the CEO for review. The employee responses remain on Mr. White’s desk today, to serve as a guidebook for him to review on a regular basis.

Asking employees to share their thoughts and ideas has helped to cultivate a culture of wellness at Jamba Juice. Here’s how:

  • Employees feel more included and relevant. Asking employees to take an active role in the future of the company help them feel like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves.
  • The company has learned where to target its wellness efforts. Many companies struggle to devise effective wellness goals for their employees. By asking employees to share their thoughts about the direction of the company, Jamba Juice gave itself a starting point to develop its wellness goals.
  • Employees get what they need in the most direct way possible. Basing its wellness goals on suggestions and feedback from the employees helps Jamba Juice ensure that the needs of its employees are met.

Jamba Juice Wellness Initiatives

Jamba Juice has developed a variety of wellness initiatives for its employees. These wellness programs address employee needs in a variety of ways. Jamba Juice encourages employees to exercise, gives them access to quality medical services, enables them to maintain a lifestyle that makes them happy and comfortable, and encourages them to become more productive members of their community. Some of the Jamba Juice Wellness initiatives includes:

  • Discounts to gym memberships.
  • A telecommuting program.
  • Commuter discount program.
  • Intranet dedicated to employee engagement and recognition.
  • Indoor bicycle storage.
  • Sponsorship of employee fit teams.
  • Sponsorship of employee teams with various marathons and fitness challenges.
  • Discounts on personal services.
  • Locker and shower facilities at the headquarters.

These initiatives have paid off in many ways. As one example, Jamba Juice received an award in 2012 for participation in the WIPRO San Francisco Marathon. With over 150 employees participating, Jamba Juice had the most employees of any company participating in the marathon.

Develop Your Company’s Culture of Wellness

As in the case with Jamba Juice, development of a successful wellness program can deepen your employee’s commitment to your company while creating a better work environment for staff and management alike. At HealthyWorks in Pittsburgh, PA, we help companies develop their wellness programs. For a consultation and to learn about our programs, contact us today at (412) 877-6834.